Saturday, 16 October 2010

500 Foxconn strikers arrested in India

Police in India are reported to have arrested 500 workers who went on strike to demand that their employer, Foxconn, should negotiate with their chosen union.
It happened in the state of Tamil Nadu after the giant electronics manufacturer signed an agreement with a union belonging to the local ruling party - which had no support among the workers.
Foxconn's Chinese factories were the scene of a series of worker suicides earlier this year.
The workers want to join a union called Foxconn India Thozilalar Sangam (FITS) - part of the Centre for India Trade Unions (CITU).
The union is holding protests and asking for international support.
Send a protest to the Director General of the Police, the Commissioner of Labour, the Chief Minister and the Minister for Labour of Tamil Nadu from here
Read more about working practices at Foxconn.

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