Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Jon Gaunt supports striking fire fighters

Jon Gaunt - the usually right wing shock jock and newspaper columnist - has been posting on Facebook this morning in support of striking London fire fighters.
His solidarity with the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) comes soon after The Workers United highlighted his column in a Spanish newspaper supporting the trade union response to the cuts.
Gaunt says - in a comment on his Facebook page: "This dispute is all about that fat pudding Brian Colman trying to act tough, the union wants to negotiate Coleman wants war. Not only that but as we head into this age of austerity first it will be the FBU banned and then other workers banned from striking. Please remember it wasn't the workers who got us into this mess it was the bankers and the winkers in Westminster."
Colman is the Conservative councillor who chairs the London fire authority.
Gaunt - who has worked for The Sun and TalkSport - tells his Facebook friends he is on the BBC's Daily Politics today to talk about the dispute and other issues.

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