Saturday, 23 October 2010

Law to make striking easier fails to make it through parliament

Not enough Labour MPs turned up in the House of Commons yesterday - October 22 - to support a new law which would have stopped employers using trivial legal loopholes to prevent industrial action.
The Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill had been tabled by John McDonnell MP to protect union members’ right to strike after a string of court cases in which massive votes for action were overturned on technicalities.
Under parliamentary procedures at least 100 out of the 650 MPs must support a private members' bill for it to survive.
Only 89 MPs were there to back it when the vote was taken - 85 Labour, one Green, one Plaid Cymru, one Scottish Nationalist Party, and one Conservative.
Find a spreadsheet listing which MPs voted here.
Last week The Workers United reported a lobby of parliament in support of the bill.

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  1. where were the Labour MPs? Especially those funded by unions. The unions should write to their respective MPs demanding where were they and withdraw funding if they don't have an execuse