Thursday, 14 October 2010

MEP tells union leader to stick to nappies and breastfeeding

A UKIP politician has told the deputy general secretary of the National Union of Journalists to stick to nappies and breastfeeding.
Michelle Stanistreet had written to Euro MPs, on behalf of the union, about a proposed directive on pregnant workers.
In an emailed reply Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, said:"To be brutally honest Mrs Stanistreet, I have never read such dreadful nonsense in my life.
"You clearly have no idea how businesses work or recruitment policy in the private sector.
"I am simply far too busy to go through line by line and pick up on the flaws in your argument.
"I implore you to stick to giving advice on nappies and breastfeeding or whatever it is that brought your organisation into existence."
In fact Stanistreet's organisation represents more than 30,000 media workers in the UK and Ireland.
The NUJ was founded in 1907, has always admitted women as full members - unlike other unions at the time - and concluded the UK's first equal pay agreement in 1918.
So Stanistreet was acting in a long tradition of campaigning for women's rights when she lobbied MEPs for improved maternity pay and better facilities for working mothers to breast feed their babies.
Bloom is a member of the European parliament's women’s rights and gender equality committee.


  1. Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Godfrey Bloom is a member of the European parliament's women's rights and gender equality committee.

    I think that even Henry would accept that he's been comprehensively upstaged by UKIP's finest.....

  2. Not a trace of a sense of humour here....

  3. Ah. It was a joke! Except it isn't funny. In fact, it's offensive. So take your sense of "humour" and shove it up your arse.