Thursday, 21 October 2010

Trades unionists take alternative economic message to the people

The North West TUC has produced 5,000 leaflets putting the alternative to cuts in public services which will be handed out in Manchester, Liverpool, and Chester on Saturday (October 23).
In Manchester, leafleters will be gathering in Albert Square from 10 am.
In Liverpool, leafleting will begin in Lord Street from 10 am.
And in Chester activists will be outside the Town Hall in Northgate Street from 10am.
The sessions are set to continue at least until noon and help is welcome at all three venues.
North West TUC regional secretary Alan Manning said, on their Proud To Serve The Public website: “There is an alternative to the coalition’s cuts which now put tens of thousands of jobs at risk in our region.
“We can bring back the windfall tax on bankers’ bonuses – after all they caused this mess. We can crackdown on tax avoidance and tax evasion, raise billions through a tiny tax on financial deals, stop spending a fortune on privatising services and introduce a property tax on vacant properties."
The TUC leafleting in Manchester coincides with a rally in a different square which was announced earlier this week by the regional arm of the National Shop Stewards' Network and reported on The Workers United.
A source close to the regional TUC - the official umbrella organisation for unions in the north west of England - said: "We're not aware of any split. There will be lots of activity happening in towns all over the region."

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