Saturday, 6 November 2010

FA cup heroes are supporting strikers off the pitch

FA Cup giant killers FC United are refusing to take part in the BBC's flagship Football Focus show today in solidarity with striking BBC journalists.
The non-league club was formed by disgruntled Manchester United fans in protest at the running of the Old Trafford outfit.
FC United won three-two at their much higher ranked neighbours Rochdale last night.
Club general manager Andy Walsh, speaking exclusively to The Workers United, said: "I told Football Focus producer David Garrido that we would not be taking part in solidarity with the strike.
"I've told everyone at the club not to take part.
"I'm a trades unionist and it is important that people take a stand.
"We spoke to some BBC reporters last night because of a misunderstanding."
The Workers United understands strike-breaking BBC staff told FC United officials that the dispute only involved newsroom journalists and didn't cover sport.
That is not true. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has 4,100 members at the BBC - in all departments - who are striking over a pension scheme that covers all workers.
FC United boss Walsh is a former member of the national executive of the Banking, Insurance, and Finance Union - now part of Unite.
DECLARATION: I am a member of the NUJ and a former BBC sports journalist. I'm not in the pension scheme. I support Manchester City.

Report from BBC world service picket line

Red Pepper magazine


  1. Spent two days freezing on a BBC picket line, and will freeze again on 15/16 Nov if needs be. Also, a Liverpool fan, but have today sent my membership fee to become a member of FC United of Manchester. Well done Andy Walsh.

  2. Im sure the Uk will take this into account and give it the attention it deserves

  3. Well done Andy, FC United are now my 2nd team.all the best for the future.

  4. You've either got Principles or you don't. I was part of 60,000+ who sang United Not for $a£e yet many of those then ignored their Principles (or were on the band-wagon) & went back to the debt-ridden club that had previously been the richest in the world. Capitulation is NOT an option.
    Stand & Fight fore your Beliefs or get what the Man dishes out. WE WANT GLAZER OUT.

    Forza FCUM.

  5. Well done FCUM! Here's one Scouser wishing you well for the future! Solidarity Forever!

  6. Ridiculous behaviour.

    FCUM are almost as much of a joke as AFC Wimbledon.

  7. If you want to be part of the club which supported the strike you can buy community shares in the club for as little as £200 and become a member. The football terrace can be a great place to make your feelings known on FCUM Radio and display your banners on FCUM.TV and other TV channels. To become a member and stake holder follow this link.

  8. As an FC fan and former union rep, I was really proud of Andy Walsh respecting the strike. As a club, we're about empowering football supporters but we're also about empowering the wider community as well.

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