Friday, 12 November 2010

NUT leads the call for co-ordinated action over pensions

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) is trying to organise co-ordinated industrial action against attacks on teachers' pensions.
The union's executive decided this week to start campaigning for an industrial action ballot in the spring term.
And to talk to other unions about joing in.
Read the details on the blog of NUT national executive member Martin Powell-Davies.
The best way for unioins to win is to act together.
Everyone with pensions under attack - in the private and the public sector - should join the NUT's campaign.


  1. It's rather odd that they come out with this now, two days after a major demonstration organised by the UCU with the NUS. Why didn't they get involved with that? It's not as if they didn't know, Christine Blower was sitting right beside Sally Hunt when it was annnounced at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in July.

  2. I guess because it was about university tuition fees.
    The action on teachers pensions is to be a strike not a demo. The plan is to build carefully to bring in all the teachers' unions, an annoyingly disparate bunch. The people they should be in touch with are other public sector unions (including the NUJ over the BBC) perhaps to co-ordinate timing, but their intention to get united teachers' action is commendable, and it can't happen until the spring because of school term timetables.