Monday, 1 November 2010

UK government considers making it easier for bosses to sack people

The coalition government's business minister confirmed on The Daily Politics in the last few minutes that they are considering making it harder for dismissed workers to go to employment tribunals.
The City Am newspaper has reported that the government wants to make people wait for two years before they can be unfairly dismissed.
Employment law could be relaxed
Business minister Mark Prisk MP confirmed it was being considered while speaking on BBC2.
The two year qualifying period was the law in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher.
As a union organiser I represented many people who were sacked for absolutely no reason in the first year of their employment.
This could now be able happen for two years.
Employers will use this as an excuse to sack people and replace them with cheaper, less experienced workers.
It is a recipe for exploitation and fear in the workplace.
There should be no qualifying period.
People should have the right to be treated fairly from their first day in work.


  1. "the government wants to make people wait for two years before they can be unfairly dismissed."

    Surely not?

  2. I guess we always said this was coming. We just hoped in a coalition government the Tories wouldn't have the audacity.
    It only goes to prove that the Lib Dems can be equally as crappy on workers rights.

  3. My local Labour MP says that all the stuff being "floated" such as this and the CBI press release calling for even more strike restrictions is simply bluster that the actual government will not be able to pass in its current form.

    He thinks any changes to denigrate union or workers rights will be "a step too far" for the Lib Dems and the noises being made about it are coming from right-wing Tories unhappy with the coalition. In fact the Minister for Employee Rights is a Lib Dem. How does extending the qualifying period for UNFAIR dismissal do anything to increase the "fairness" agenda?

    Time will tell, I hope and pray my MP is right. If the Libs jump in and actually push through denigrations to workers rights - that as the TUC correctly points out will not create a SINGLE job - then they are going to even more vulnerable to attack against the charges of "fairness".

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